About Me

My name is Kurt. I grew up with a great family who always pushed me to be the best that I could be. I’ve been involved with the Boy Scout program for much of my life and many other activities to include football, track, and even part of a competitive math team. I studied Mechanical Engineering in college and went on to work in logistics. Much of my focus in my work-life has been on leadership and management. Most importantly, I am a husband and father with a family that I love.

Up until a few months ago, I never saw myself getting into writing (or blogging) because I had struggled with it in my younger years before college. Even during college, I was by no means a good writer, but it was then that I wrote papers that I was actually proud I had written. During the time after college, I had drifted away from the regular exploration of the world that was part of being a student and being surrounded by brilliant minds, debates, curious conversation, and new ideas. Being out and about, away from all of those things that had challenged my mind so regularly, was different. Work can, at times, become a real grind that tears away at you little by little unless you actually stop and take time away from it to reflect and rebuild yourself. For me, that reflection and rebuilding happens when I delve into books, audiobooks, deep conversations with curious people, and an endless stream of podcasts driving to and from work.

I consider myself a “multipotentialite”… someone who doesn’t just stick to one area of expertise. I delve into anything and everything that catches my eye. I’m fascinated by novel ideas and extreme ways of life. As a result, I have accumulated a wide spectrum of knowledge on interrelated topics.

I’m here now to challenge myself to continue my own self-development, and share lessons I’ve taken away from my experiences. My aim is to make something useful and to continually find fulfillment as I seek to better understand the topics I am passionate about, which happens to be a lot of topics.

Thank you for reading. I hope I can bring a new idea into your life and challenge you to be the best you.